Kami Couch is an old soul who grew up learning from the master storytellers: her Dad and Grandma June. Her favorite stories were the ones they told about their adventurous lives in Alaska. Being a 4th generation AK commercial fisherman is one of her fondest titles to this day.

She was given camping gear and a disposable camera for her 9th birthday and used the entire roll of film on her camping trip & flowers she found in the woods.

At age 15, she kept a photo blog about her life. A bride found it and asked her to photograph her wedding. Word began to spread and more weddings were booked. Thus began her career as a photographer at a young age.

What she came to realize, was what makes her tick today is the very same thing that made her 9-year-old self tick. Like finding those flowers hidden in the woods, she loves finding people’s stories & presenting them to the world, where their beauty that might otherwise have been missed can be shown to all.

As her business grew, she bought her own 84sq foot tiny house (The Kamishak) and traveled around the world to take photos, write & build relationships for a living. 


Kami became an award winning marketer and photographer whose work saw an unusually high engagement rate because of the way she naturally creates a heartfelt connection between people.  She continued to travel until she found Bend, Oregon and never wanted to leave. The endless outdoor activities and warm community makes it both her “home AND her adventure”!


Bend was the first place where she wanted to grow roots, so she decided to settle down, took up real estate and became a broker. Kami’s natural skill set and background in business made this a very rewarding & fulfilling next choice.  Connecting with people and helping them make Bend their home is something in which Kami finds so much joy and passion.

She continues to integrate photography into her work and books about 12 weddings per year.

She still loves flowers and they may be considered as a form of payment. ;)