Health update about my past year and how my life has changed!

When Micah first met me he knew I was sick.

I've shared a lot with you guys... about how I went through a Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever diagnosis when I lived in Tennessee and then was faced with the possibility of Lyme.

What I haven't shared yet is a health update about my past year and how my life has changed!

Rewind a year ago.... to my second date with Micah. I kept falling asleep because I was so fatigued.

Micah ask if I would come to Bend because he wanted to take me to see a Doctor he knew would help me get well.

Looking back, I think it is pretty romantic that he did that. That's why I thought it would be such an amazing story to tell. :)

My first scan brought up Lyme. I remember feeling devastated when the Doctor told me... but the more I talked with him the less concern I felt.

In fact, I felt really good about it! I felt excited to have answers and Bob (the doctor) had the tools and knowledge to get me well.

How could I not be looking forward with new hope?

Bob is calm and sure.

"So many people have Lyme, Kami. They just don't know."

It made me so happy to hear about the results people were having from seeing Bob.

He was changing lives. One patient went from being on a liver transplant list to being taken off the list and now has a healthier liver than 90% of people.

Not to mention his mom is almost 100 and going strong (still coming to family BBQ's!) and he is in his 70's and you'd never guess it.

Instead of feeling like I was one person in a thousand with Lyme, I realized that I was probably 1 out of 2 or 3... I was just the one that knew about it and was doing something about it.

Lyme is SO OFTEN misdiagnosed or unable to be diagnosed.

That means most of us are walking around with fatigue, headaches, brain fog and maybe even depression (Lyme can manifest that way.) and people just never know WHY. Crazy.

I felt at peace with it. I felt that we were on the path to getting my old self back and everything was going to be ok.

Bob and his wife Jan

Bob helped find and kill the Lyme using his F-scan. Every parasite has a frequency. This uses frequencies to identify what you have, and then it runs a frequency back through you that kills them. Lyme is so tricky to get rid of, this is one of the few ways that works.

I made sure to detox as much as possible. I got a portable sauna, took aloe vera, drank lots of water, Burber & Pinella.

Another scan helped identify what vitamins & minerals I was deficient in, and so I started taking those exact ones.

Things started getting better. I started being able to do more and more!! I was no longer falling asleep during the day and my major symptoms went away.

I was better but still not 100% like my old self. There was something else.

It's funny looking back.

The first day I ever saw Bob, "dental" came up on the scan and he told me I should go get a checkup at a dentist. It didn't seem like a huge deal. I didn't feel any pain or anything so it didn't seem urgent.

I scheduled appointments only to have them re-scheduled. I kind of played dentist tag for a year, plus COVID hit. I couldn't get in unless it was an emergency.

This wasn't an emergency.

Haha! Well, that changed overnight!

One of my half grown lower wisdom teeth got infected. It happened so fast. I was in so much pain I was crying. :) Micah took me to the ER and as soon as they could get my mouth open wide enough they took out my teeth.

A week later I went in to see Bob.

The "dental issue" that came up on his scans for a year was now gone from the scan.

I smiled. "You knew it. You told me." I said to Bob. :)

The good news, is that ever since then I have felt like A NEW PERSON!

The Doctors said they think I've probably been fighting a low grade infection from the wisdom teeth for a long time.

They said half-sprouted wisdom teeth create an environment that IS IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean. It was keeping my immune system busy. Probably suppressed.

So that means a lot of the symptoms that seemed "Lyme" related were very likely actually related to this, and fixing this has seemed to come full circle on bringing my health back around!

Honestly, the surgery and recovery was easy. I wished I had done it long ago. It was the infection that made it so, so bad and painful. It was 100 worse than the surgery and recovery.

I'd just like to say this because I wished someone had warned me-- even if your half-grown wisdom teeth aren't bothering you, look into getting them out ASAP. The older you get the higher the chance is that you will lose feeling in your lower lip when they take them out because as the teeth mature they attach to the nerve in your jaw. By your late 20's there is a 50% chance this will happen and that percent gets higher each year- so don't wait. Also, who knows if this is also giving you a suppressed immune system and is keeping you from great energy!

This has been such a journey of ups and downs and sideways.

I understand the medical frustrations a lot of people are facing, and just want you to know that if any of this resonates with you, feel free to send me a message to talk or ask questions. There so much to health and healing!

I am so thankful Micah helped me find answers, and I am so thankful for Bob's care and knowledge. I wouldn't be the same without it!

It feels so good to feel so good again. The best yet.

It's not even just like "my old self coming back", it feels like a whole new me! :)

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